Statement Concerning the Protection of Personal and Other Processed Data

This statement describes the basic principles of the protection of personal data and other processed data. Our aim is to process personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, abbreviated as “GDPR” (Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union No 2016/679), and with Act No 101/200 Coll.

Personal Data Controller

RENOMAG spol. s r.o.
Reg. no.: 49444557
Cukrovar 1266, 665 01 Rosice
Czech Republic

We are a private limited liability company engaged in production, sale and repairs, deliveries of attachments and spare parts for machines and equipment designed for the mining industry, processing industry and construction (hereinafter “Services”). We provide our services in the Czech Republic as well as in the other European Union member countries, and as the controller we shall process your personal data according to the below specified conditions and in compliance with the GDPR and further regulations on personal data protection.

Personal Data That We Process

We only process the personal data that you provide us with in relation to using our services.

Sale and Service Activities:

  • Name and surname
  • Contact and/or mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Position in the company
  • Bank coordinates:

Website, e-shop and communication:

  • IP address:
  • cookies (in case of online services)

The Purposes of Personal Data Processing

The main purpose of the processing of your personal data is to be able to provide comprehensive services and satisfactory warranty and post-warranty services for you regarding the products supplied by us.

Further we process your data for the purpose of:

  • ensuring the quality of our services and offer 
  • for marketing purposes
  • participation in trade fairs and exhibitions
  • training
  • sending business announcements

You provide us with your personal data voluntarily, the transmission of information following from contracts is necessary for their conclusion and fulfilment.

We always process your personal data only in the necessary and permitted scope. Thanks to your giving consent for processing of your personal data we can continue to provide our services.

Access to Your Data

Personal data is closely guarded. We carefully choose the suppliers to whom we entrust personal data and who are able to ensure such technical and organizational protection of your data to prevent unauthorized access to it. The protection of your data is our priority. All our partners are bound by the confidentiality requirements stipulated in the contract and they must not use the provided data for any purposes other than those that it was made accessible for.

Third parties, who may have access to your personal data, thus based on the nature of the service you use or used, include:

  • persons who provide the technical operation of our company management system;
  • business partners who partake in accounting and reporting;
  • sub-suppliers with whom we cooperate on our contracts;

This is without prejudice to our obligation following from special legislation to transmit the required data to the courts, police and other public administration authorities.

The processing of personal data is carried out by the controller. The processing is performed at its head office by its employees who were instructed on adherence to the rules of personal data processing security. The processing is done using computer technology or in the manual way for personal data in documentary form.

The Length of Personal Data Processing

Your data will be processed for the whole time you will use our services (i.e. duration of the contractual relationship between us) and for the time necessary in accordance with the generally binding legislation, and following that, based on your possibly given consent, for a period of another 10 years, unless your consent for personal data processing is withdrawn on your part - you can give us your consent by a message sent to this address.

Here we would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have to process the personal data which is necessary for the proper provision of the service, i.e. for meeting of all our obligations, whether they follow from the contract entered into between us or from the generally binding legal legislation, regardless of the consent given by you for a period specified by the applicable legislation or in accordance with it, and also following possible withdrawal of your consent.

Processing of Personal Data

  1. a) without consent given

Your personal data can also be processed without your consent in accordance with the applicable legislation, however only for the purpose of:

  • provision of a service or product(performance of a contract, where contract also means an implied use of a specific service, without a contract having been concluded in writing);
  • meeting the legal obligations which for us follow from the generally binding legal regulations
  • in public interest (such as verification and assurance of the safety of services and products provided by us)
  • the processing necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests(the effect is greater for the customer than for the processor)
  1. b) with consent given

The points specified above for a period of another 10 years, unless your consent for processing of personal data has been withdrawn, and further personal data that you may provide us with consenting to their processing.

Personal Data Protection

Our company has introduced measures to protect personal data against unauthorized handling, loss, destruction, unlawful access or unauthorized disclosure. The security measures are regularly checked and updated depending on technological development.

Withdrawal of Consent

You can withdraw your consent for the processing of personal data at any time by means of sending an email message to this address. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the possibility of further processing of your personal data based on your consent which had been given prior to its withdrawal. The withdrawal of consent is also without prejudice to the processing of personal data which is based on legal grounds other than consent.

The Rights of Data Subjects

Regarding your personal data you have in particular the following rights:

  • the right to withdraw your consent regarding the information processed based on the consent at any time
  • the right to amend your personal data
  • the right to request restriction of processing of personal data
  • the right to raise an objection or make a complaint concerning the processing in certain cases
  • the right to request the transfer of data
  • the right to access personal data and to obtain its copies
  • the right to be informed about personal data breach in specific cases
  • the right to erasure of personal data (the right to “be forgotten”) in some cases

Regarding the right to raise an objection, based on the conditions as per Section 21 GDPR you have the right to raise an objection to the processing of the personal data relating to you, based on the processing necessary for purposes of our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of third parties, including profiling, and further to the processing of personal data for purposes of direct marketing.

Contact Information

In case of any question you may have regarding personal data protection or withdrawing consent for further processing of your personal data, please don´t hesitate to contact us here.


Contact us:

tel.: +420 546 411 678