Buckets for Loaders

The line of buckets for skid steer loaders, wheeled loaders and track undercarriage loaders, the same applying to buckets for excavators, is the results of our long-term innovative development, experience gained during production and especially taking account of valuable findings from the practice of users of our products during earthworks, demolitions, transport of aggregate in quarries and during extraction right against the wall. The combination of well-thought-out manufacturing on a high level of craft with the use of computer designs and testing under demanding operational conditions provides top-class performance while minimizing the needed downtime.

Their utility is greatly enhanced by the quality of materials used as well as technical recommendations from our vendors. The teeth system is chosen with respect to the service life as well as penetration for a quick work cycle and protection of tyres; quality abrasion resistant metal sheets provide a lightweight while strong abrasion-resistant construction. The reliability and durability of the used material is guaranteed by the certification Hardox® in My Body in selected products.


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