Drop balls

Drop balls supplied by us are characterized by quality cast steel with excellent durability, helping to reduce overall operating and production costs. When breaking pieces of stone larger than the entry hole in the quarry, crushers can easily use energy balls falling from the height on the stone or to let stone hit the ball.They find their application mainly in quarries.

It is a simple, cost-effective alternative to hydraulic hammers, a drop ball can work even during short breaks when the excavator just does not load, eliminating the time required for fit and remove hammer. During operation the machine boom does not transmit vibration or shock, which has a positive effect on service life.

For easy and effective work with a drop ball we produce also buckets adapted according to its diameter for precision guiding and control of the position. These buckets are reinforced where needed and provide maximum durability.

Balls are available in several sizes and weight categories, we will be happy to advise you with the selection.


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