Burning cutouts from metal sheets - CNC

Pálení Hardox 500

Shaped pieces precision-cut-out from abrasion resistant Hardox® metal sheets using the CNC technology (oxyacetylene torch and plasma burner) have long been an important part of the services we render to our business partners - not just to major corporations but also when handling individual orders. In addition, we specialize in making cutouts on a classical fire-cutting machine according to the client's drawings and/or templates.

Our large stock of metal sheets and our possession of the needed technological units allow us to flexibly respond to our clients' requirements for quality, design processing and delivery times. Our cutting operations meet the precision requirements stipulated in the EN ISO 9013 standards. We will handle your job individually, flexibly and reliably, in the most comprehensive manner.

Apart from the cutting operations per se, we offer also folding of the Hardox® abrasion-resistant materials, CNC machining, making of weldments and the ensuring related transportation.


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