1. 8. 2018

Drum cutters

MB drum cutter MB-R is suitable for concrete wall and surface profiling, trenching, rock excavation, demolition and dredging and for any use in urban areas and also on restricted jobsites.

6. 6. 2018

Hardox in My Body

Excavator and loader buckets with the certification Hardox In My Body® may be purchased by anybody, but only some can make them.

21. 9. 2018

Esco Ultralok teeth system

Ultralok® is an advanced and cost-effective tooth system which responds to users' needs when operating their machines in any conditions.

21. 9. 2018

Shrouds of the edge and sides

We keep a permanent stock of a wide range of casings of various designs, which can be welded or bolted onto the equipment, or ESCO® Toplok® products from premium alloys which provide for easy, safe and swift replacement without using a hammer.

29. 5. 2017

Hydraulic Hammers Renomag

Our complete range of hammers for construction machinery offers high quality and top products that are reliable, durable and engineered for optimum impact performance.

7. 9. 2017

Rubber tracks Renomag

We offer operators and owners of the small construction machinery quality durable rubber tracks Renomag for the economically favorable and reliable operation.

25. 4. 2017

ESCO tooth systems

Thanks to long-term cooperation with ESCO®, we can offer the latest state-of-the-art technology and premium products.

25. 4. 2017

Undercarriage parts

We are equipped with professional tools and trained staff, who are able to perform expert repairs and replacement of crawler undercarriage parts in short delivery times.