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09-13-2017 STEINEXPO 2017

Thanks to all who visited our stand at the STEINEXPO 2017


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Turning of bushings, chain renovations

Maximize the service life of your undercarriage

The detailed care for undercarriage can dramatically decrease operational costs of the machine. RENOMAG s.r.o., who have high performance presses and the other needed equipment for chain repairs, will provide you all required services for the undercarriage parts care for predetermined and competitive prices.

Oil-lubricated bulldozer chains

Turning of pins and bushings with a re-seal and oil refill will in the case of timely service execution enable to get the chain to the default condition. Other undercarriage parts in time, when the outer diameter of the bushing reached the end of its planned service life, should reach only roughly 50% life time (depending on operational conditions). Turning of bushings and pins prevent the untimely bushes wear out, pins damage, expansion of pitch range (tightening), which result in driving wheels destruction and by that untimely ruin functionality of whole undercarriage.

Turning bushings and pins of oil-lubricated chains includes:

  • Disassembly of track shoes, pressing the chain
  • Careful cleaning of all parts, replacement of excessively worn parts
  • Turning of pins and bushings by 180°, assembly of new seals
  • Re-pressing, seal check, oil refill, re-assembly of track shoes

This action is most efficient when done timely according to wear limits presented by the manufacturer. When it’s not possible to put the machine out of operation, there are cases, when it is economical to turn bushes “dry way” without re-seal. In case of the timely oil leak diagnostics the replacement of seals and the oil refill can extend the service life even of chains with rotational bushes.

Non-lubricated chains of bulldozers and excavators

In some cases it is efficient to turn pins and bushings including the seal replacement even in non-lubricated or grease-lubricated chains, especially for large machines.

Chain renovation

Within operations in specific working conditions there comes to total wear and tear of bushes in time, when the track link height’s wear is only 10-15% of the service life. In thus case it could be efficient to renovate all of pins and bushings. The renovation price of such pair of chains is nearing the price of one new chain. We also provide track shoes renovations by welding abrasion resistant profile of 500 HB hardness, which can be supplied even in the metrage.

Press 180 t

With this press we perform turning of bushings, renovations and repairs of chains up to max. size B8 (e.g. the chains for the machines Caterpillar D3, D4C, D4D, D4H, 943, D5D, D5C, D5H, D5M, 953, 955, 977, D6D, D6C, D6H, D6H XR, D6R, 963, D7C, D7D, D7H, D7R, 973, 977, D8H, D8L, D8N, 983, 325, 320, 312 Komatsu D31,D31, D40, D41, D60, D65EX, D75, D80, D95, D120, D150, D155A, D155 AX, Liebherr PR711, LR611, PR721, PR722, PR731, LR621, PR732, LR631, PR741, LR641, PR751, RL451, Hanomag D500E, D540E, D580E, D600D, D600D Super, L600D, D700 and many different excavators).

Press 230 t

With this press we perform (or we are able to perform) turning of bushing, renovations and repairs of chains up to max. size B11 (e.g. chains for the machines Caterpillar D9E, D9G, D9H, D9N, D9L, D9R, D10N, D10R, D11, Komatsu D355A, D355C, D375A, D475 A and big excavators).

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