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09-13-2017 STEINEXPO 2017

Thanks to all who visited our stand at the STEINEXPO 2017


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ESCO Teeth Systems

RENOMAG s.r.o. is proud on fact that thanks to long-time cooperation with ESCO Company can offer its partners latest top technologies and first-class products. ESCO is leading designer, developer and manufacturer of highly technologically advanced abrasive resistant tools and parts, which could be used in mining, infrastructure development, power engineering, aviation and industry.

ESCO Company has been founded in 1913 in Portland, Oregon. Nearly one hundred years customers choose products of this company for the productivity increase, expert services and innovative solutions for their most difficult problems with wear, impacts, corrosion and heat resistance.

ESCO has now representation in 19 countries on 6 continents, owns widespread network of 28 production facilities and 35 vending and distributional centers.


This teeth system is the latest innovation of ESCO Company, leading distributor of high performance abrasive resistant parts for construction industry, who now offers special transition program to the new Ultralok teeth increasing your machine’s performance and reducing its operational costs. Ultralok is progressive and expense-effective teeth system fulfilling user requirements for using the machine in every condition. In contrast with previously used three part systems tooth-adapter-safety lock, Ultralok uses safety lock integrated right into the tooth, what increases manipulation safety, decrease the need for other tools. The field replacement without using hammer is quick and easy.

Ultralok system advantages:

  • Dig performance increase
  • Easier usage
  • Increased safety
  • Better wear resistance
  • Higher reliability
  • Longer service life
  • Lesser costs


ESCO is proved leader in abrasive resistant parts for quarries and mining. Teeth system SV2 is innovation, which serves pleased customers all over the world. ESCO vending network offers special advantages when transition to SV2 system providing optimum performance in every operational condition.

Besides the productivity and reliability increase customers appreciate also a safety increase due to system locking without hammer use. 

Casting made of the excellent ESCO alloy provides in comparison with the competition the best hardness to impact resistance ratio in most demanding conditions. Teeth system SV2 is for mining machines with the backhoe or flap bucket, metal frontal loaders and electric rope excavators.

SV2 advantages:

  • More abrasive resistant material for the longer service life
  • Thinner profile for an easier penetration
  • Higher point hardness
  • Safer locking system without the hammer use
  • Top-class ESCO alloys

Super V®

Using original material from the leader in the field of teeth systems ESCO Company is the best choice while replacing teeth at all Super V systems adapter installations. Excellent ESCO alloys and the quality provide the best performance in every condition.


Higher productivity

  • Shape for any purposes
  • Long service life
  • Maximum penetration

Utility value

  • Abrasive resistant durable ESCO alloys
  • Multiple impact safety pin
  • Great reliability

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