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09-13-2017 STEINEXPO 2017

Thanks to all who visited our stand at the STEINEXPO 2017


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Miller Scoop Buckets

Ideal combination – Miller quick coupler and Scoop bucket   

Miller Scoop is a revolutionary bucket able to maximize the productivity, efficiency and profitability of the machine. This unique patented design optimizes the machine´s operation and decreases the operational costs.

Especially designed for use with Miller quick coupler, Scoop has integral bucket pins to reduce the pin-to point distance and to minimize the releasing power loss, which comes up during quick coupler installation.

Profile of the Scoop bucket enables to cut through into the ground with a higher efficiency and a minimum resistance and breaking effect. The self-loading process provides an increase of the load volume. These advantages lead to time and consumption savings.


Direct Mounted Buckets

With many years of experience in the site and in manufacturing the Miller designs are constantly re-evaluated with aim to further increase the machine productivity. The tested direct mounted bucket is strong and resistant, have a unique design, which can improve the efficiency and productivity. Miller direct mounted bucket can be used either with a quick coupler or directly mounted on the machine.

Higher efficiency

Miller design reduces the part of the bucket digging in the ground, what results in a lower resistance than in case of a traditional bucket during the digging. All the components, which are in contact with ground, are manufactured from the steel highly resistant to wear.

More productive

The bucket design always provides a higher fill factor, enables even easy load of adhesive materials.

Designed for performance in any type of application

It is important that bucket is installed on your machine according to correct specifications, so Miller offers the Scoop in the following versions:

MB500: Digging and loading of loose and compact material as soil, sand, gravel and clay.

MB600: Digging and loading of compact and semi-abrasive materials as mixtures of soil, rock, sand, gravel and clay. The bucket is also suitable for opencast coal, chalk and other abrasive ores.

MB700: Digging and loading of hard and abrasive materials as craggy soil, blasted rock and limestone.

MB800: Aggressive digging and loading of highly abrasive, as granite and basalt.


Increased ripping power

Standard/Conventional Bucket

Miller Scoop Bucket

On this illustrative picture is self-loading mechanism of the bucket enabling to use the whole capacity of the bucket, what along with compact shape leads to time and fuel savings.

Miller buckets for special application offer solutions, which meet individual needs of the customer. Thanks to a rich experience in design, testing and manufacturing of quality buckets, specialized Miller buckets are the ideal solution to some less common tasks on the site or to unusual and demanding applications.

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