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09-13-2017 STEINEXPO 2017

Thanks to all who visited our stand at the STEINEXPO 2017


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ESCO Vidaplates with 700 HB overlay

Vidaplate contains the chrome carbide bound in composite material connected with a weldable underlay. The Vidaplate is known as one of the most abrasive resistant materials available. It is proven, that Vidaplate’s life service is in comparison with hardened steel up to ten times longer in highly abrasive conditions and impact strain.

Standard Vidaplate underlay material is AS3678-250 made of mild steel, but it can be replaced according to request on the specific operating environment. This weldable steel is basis for the creation of abrasive resistant surface Vidaplate material. The basic underlay material can be also used as a structural steel for manufacturing for example hoppers or slides, so the whole product can be made only out of Vidaplate.

Vida plates are available in various classes to fit requirements for various operating environments.

V31- suitable for high abrasion and medium to high impact strain operating conditions

V37 – Suitable for high abrasion and high impact strain operating conditions

V34 - Suitable for high frictional abrasion applications, for the fine-grained particles environment with low impact strain

V45/V45XP – Suitable for applications, which require high abrasion resistance in high temperatures up to 800°C

HF62 – Suitable for applications, which require high abrasion resistance in high temperatures up to 1000°C

Composite Vidaplate material hardness expressed by Brinell scale:

V31 - 573 HBN
V34 - 700 HBN
V37 - 600 HBN

The material is supplied in various thicknesses in size 1524 x 3048 mm or divided according to customer’s request. We recommend using the plasma for division.

In stock we have mainly material of these thicknesses:

Vidaplate V31/10 mm

4 mm armor

Vidaplate V31/12 mm

6 mm armor

Vidaplate V31/14 mm

6 mm armor

Vidaplate V31/15 mm

7 mm armor

Vidaplate V31/19 mm

9 mm armor

Vidaplate V31/27 mm

17 mm armor

Other versions are available on request with a short delivery time.

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