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09-13-2017 STEINEXPO 2017

Thanks to all who visited our stand at the STEINEXPO 2017


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ESCO Vida CWI material 700 HB

Speed and wear rate depend on working conditions of the machine, mined material, temperature and a way of work. To minimize this wear, we use teeth of a suitable shape with the utmost penetration to the material and abrasive resistant plates for buckets and dippers designs. These are mainly 400, 450 and 500 HB hardness plates and products made of them have a several times higher firmness in comparison with ordinary structural materials. In some cases even this level of protection isn’t sufficient or it is needed to reduce the machine downtime due to repairs. Especially for these cases RENOMAG Company offers various solutions from the ESCO Company manufacturing program including VIDA and CWI composite materials. These products are creative, effective and inexpensive solution pro abrasion strained machine parts.

Composite materials CWI and VIDA put on underlay with good weldability are highly abrasive resistant with at least 700 HBN hardness. They are supplied in the wide assortment of shapes and sizes – rectangles, stripes, rounds and popular “chocolates”, which can be bended or divided to smaller pieces.

  • All VIDA CWI castings have 700 BN hardness
  • All castings contain chrome carbide bound in matrix put on weldable base panel
  • All castings are magnetic due to iron content
  • ESCO VIDA CWI products are suitable even for the operation in temperatures above 700°C

VidablockTMis prism-shaped element with massive layer of abrasive resistant material, which is put as a thin surface layer on one of the sides. VidablockTM serves as additional protection in high abrasion and relatively low impact strain on flat surfaces environment (not bendable).

VidablockTM – high hardness and abrasion resistant material is put on a lower side of the rectangular.

VidabuttonTM is round vaulted shape with facet. It provides maximum protection and reduces effects of impacts. In case of weld this version is ideal for possible crack formation in base material risk minimization. It is designated particularly for excavator buckets.

VidabuttonTM has thick VIDA material layer with high hardness and abrasion resistance put on as a top coronet with peripheral facet.

 ChokblockTMresemble shape of the chocolate. VIDA material layer with high hardness and abrasion resistance is in upper pyramidal part. Block of “bars” can be welded on a base as a unit or gradually – like a chocolate – one bar by another, lower layer can be also mildly bended.

SkidblockTM is excellent choice for large surfaces like bottoms and sides of loading diggers XHD and XXHD with long service life.

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